Upgrading to MDID 3.7 from earlier versions of MDID 3

Due to the new method of installing MDID 3.6 and later it is strongly recommended to perform a new installation and then put the database and images in place.

  • Follow the installation steps outlined for your operating system

  • Change the database settings in config/settings.py to point to your existing database

  • Run mdid migrate to migrate the database

  • Run mdid solr reindex to refresh the full-text index

Upgrading from MDID2

  • Perform a new installation with a blank database.

  • Copy the config.xml file from your MDID2 installation to a place accessible from the new installation.

  • If necessary, adjust the <database> section in the config.xml file so that it can be used to connect to the database from the new installation.

  • Run mdid mdid2migrate path/to/config.xml

  • Copy the full-size images from the MDID2 installation to a place accessible to the new installation.

  • In MDID3, under Management>Manage Storages, fix the paths to the different storage directories.

  • Run a full re-index with mdid solr reindex.

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